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The Florida State UniversityCollege of Human Sciences
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Alumni & Friends

Welcome alumni, parents and friends! Strong support by alumni and friends has been a strength of the College of Human Sciences since it began in 1905.


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The College of Human Sciences is a multidisciplinary academic unit that addresses the health and development of individuals, families and communities.

Delp Headshot

Dean Michael D. Delp

From the Dean:

The College of Human Sciences encompasses fields of study that address the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. We focus on what is good for people--from healthy diet and exercise to satisfying personal relationships to sustainable consumer products. Our programs of study prepare students to work and succeed in the global environment of the 21st century. The programs are located in one of three departments:

 Family and Child Sciences
 Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences
 Retail, Merchandising and Product Development

For over 100 years the College has long been known for providing a nurturing environment for students, and we like to say that "We don't enroll students, we enroll families." This emphasizes the connection we feel with students and their families both during their study with us, and when they become alumni.

With almost 3000 undergraduate majors and 200 graduate students, Human Sciences is the fourth largest college at FSU. Faculty are known nationally for research on relationships and families designed to inform public policy, the influence of diet and exercise on chronic disease and aging, consumers in the marketplace, and development of fashionable and functional apparel.

Read about the FSU Family Institute and the Center for Couple and Family Therapy in the department of Family and Child Sciences. Learn more about the innovative and collaborative research being conducted by student and faculty teams, including The Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging, in the department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences. Discover our Retail Center and the consumer, textile and apparel design research explored in the department of Retail, Merchandising and Product Development.


Welcome to the College of Human Sciences.


   Dean Michael D. Delp

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