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Mission: To understand the relationship between exercise, nutrition, and healthy aging.

Goals: To investigate and determine effective exercise and nutritional interventions that can prevent and/or slow the progression of chronic diseases and functional declines associated with aging with the intention of translating these findings into practical recommendations for clinicians and the general public. Examples of projects conducted under the auspices of the Center include the investigation of exercise and nutrition interventions for chronic conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity, cancer, gastrointestinal health, and brain degenerative diseases.

Focus Areas: The Center focuses on developing unique exercise and nutritional interventions for the amelioration of chronic diseases and functional declines that occur in aging with the intent to enhance quality of life and longevity.

Core Research Areas:

  • Musculoskeletal health and obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Women’s health
  • Cognitive function and brain health
  • Cancer prevention and survivorship

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