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The Mission of the Information Technology Division (ITD) of the College of Human Sciences is to provide cutting edge information technology solutions, and services, to help promote, support, and facilitate the College’s academic, administrative, and research needs. The services and solutions provided ensure that the college’s information technology infrastructure is reliable, secure, cost effective, and meets the college’s goals. ITD will provide the leadership necessary to ensure that the college gains full benefit from its current and future investments in technology.

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab is located in the Sandels Building in room 202 and is dedicated to further the technology skills of our students, faculty, and staff. This Lab provides a quality environment for hands-on training of advanced software applications and multimedia equipment. There are 10 Dell OptiPlex 990 computers with Intel Core i7 processors, a monochrome LaserJet printer, scanners, microphone and other equipment available for use. The computers operate in a Windows 7 environment and also contain Microsoft Office 2010, Photoshop CS3, PageMaker 7.0, Illustrator CS3, InDesign CS3, Dreamweaver MX, SPSS 21, Food Wise, and Acrobat 10.0. Workshops and training sessions are conducted on a regular basis. Academic courses now utilize the lab to integrate technology into standard curricula and to provide experiences that traditional classrooms cannot support. 

Multimedia Lab Hours 8:00am - 9:00pm


Multimedia Lab Printer

To send a print job to the Multimedia Lab printer while you are away from the lab you must install one of the printer drivers listed below based on the operating system of your computer.

Windows Operating System:

Download Here

Mac OS X Operating System:

Download Here

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

The computer aided design (CAD) Lab is the home of Textile and Apparel Design Lab and is located in the William Johnston Building in room 3007. The CAD Lab has 28 Dell OptiPlex 990 computers with Intel Core i7 processors, three color laser jet printers, two hi resolution scanners, and two digitizers. The computers operate in a Windows 7 environment and contain Lectra's Apparel Suite, Gerber's Apparel Suite, Photoshop CS5, Microsoft Office 2010. The lab is designed to put students on the leading-edge of fashion and fabric design, pattern making and grading, and marker making.

Office Depot Lab

The Office Depot Lab is located in room 3032 in the William Johnston Building and has 46 Dell OptiPlex 990 computers with Intel Core i7 processors.  The computers operate in a Windows 7 environment and contain vrSoftware's Mockshop software, SPSS 21, and Microsoft Office 2010.

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